When texturing the keys are:  1st and foremost the tape and finish of the substrate to be textured, materials, methods, equipment,  knowledge, experience, consistently mixed muds with a filter system on the pump, a smooth constant delivery system through the material hose, the right amount of air flow for the different textures being applied, the spray gun(s) with the right diameter spray disks, the trigger pull on the gun, the movement of the person spraying, the substrate, air movement & temperature. Once all of these are achieved  your end result will be beautiful. 
Muddy is also fluent in hand, rolled, brushed, all sprayed textures. Just about any textures that comes his way that are on your walls or ceilings. 

So on your next Drywall job, you can buy the rock, install the rock, finish the rock if you wish & when it comes time to texture the rock (if Texture is what you want) you can either go rent or borrow a hopper & texture machine, spend time learning & experimenting & being frustrated/messy or text/call Muddy at 319-560-2847 before you are ready for that stage for a consult & price to texture. Estimates are always free! You may be surprised at the cost, it may be cheaper than that machine you rent. For faster service text to 319-560-2847 because Muddy is usually elbow deep in mud most days and doesn't answer the phone often due to that or the telemarketers 

With my old bones growing spurs in my neck & not working as they did going down my spine with Osteoarthritis in all major joints, I am concentrating  more on the repair, smaller jobs & textures verses the larger production jobs such as houses.  Muddy can fix your fist hole, your mistakes,  your new walls & ceilings. 

Remember the first rule of taping!
DO NOT USE FIBERGLASS (mesh tape) with BUCKET MUD! I do not care who says what at Menards, Lowes or Home Depot or other. You are asking for hairline cracks on your flat seams if you use this combo. Fiberglass tape takes a non shrinking mud that comes in dry form that needs to have water mixed into it. Premixed bucket muds shrink too much, AP or All Purpose is worse  because of the glue content. 
Another tip prior to 1978, acoustical (popcorn texture) has ASBESTOS in it! From 1978-1982 they were phasing it out so keep this in mind if you are doing any dry scraping plus POPCORN TEXTURE is so out dated! (70's-80's) 

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