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I purchased this older (70's) Spray King Spray Rig in 2009. After lots of labor, updates, bloody hands & head, I am happy the Spray Rig will run and perform as it should. I know the Rig is old but to me it is my new toy!

I started out with "Old School" methods, a hand held hopper that you had to hold above your head to acheive a lot of the textures. The "hopper method" is slow, inconsistent & very heavy which kills your arms, neck & back. In 1995 when started "THE MUD MASTERS" name, it would take me upwards of 1.5 DAYS to texture out a 1600 sq.ft. house with knock down ceilings & orange peel walls. I upgraded in 2000 to a Graco HP than in 2004 to a Apla-Tech T-series which are both diaphragm pumps, pumping mud through 25' of 1" material delivery hose with air hose to a Texture gun.  Both the Graco & Apla-Tech used to be my standard & took 7-9 hours to texture that same house. The Spray King Spray Rig I had out recently to Texture a house in Iowa City took me a lot less time than before start to finish to spray Knock Down on the ceilings, scrape all ceiling fall out mud from the walls, Knock Down the ceilings & orange peel the walls! (all by myself because this is how I roll) Don't get me wrong its still not all fun & games, there is a lot of hard work involved, we get smarter we hope as time goes on. All of the operations are done from the floor now due to tools I have modified or designed so I don't have to stilt up or use roller scaffold.

The Spray King Spray Rig is equipped with a 200 gallon stainless steel material tank, 4 very large beaters, a 14hp old cast iron horizontal Wisconsin engine, a 3 speed tranny & electric clutches to a 2L3 Rotor/Stator pump for the material delivery through a 175' of 3/4" material hose. A 2 stage air compressor with a 80 gal. reserve tank to hold uniform pressure & CFM's, a 175' air hose to the pole gun or the hand held guns which I use. On board 55 gallon water tank with a 50 psi pump for washing or adding water to the mix tank.   

What does all this mean? CONSISTENCY PERIOD! of course the new Spray Rigs are easier to run now but a Rig like mine new will set you back about 14k. Some of the larger ones with Diesel engines & 450 gal. split tanks will run you 25k.

When texturing the keys are:  KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and  EXPERIENCE, the Muds used, a large volume of consistently mixed mud, a smooth constant delivery system (rotor/stator) through the material hose, the right amount of air flow for the different textures being applied, the right spray guns with the right diameter spray disks, the trigger pull on the gun, the movement of the person spraying, the substrate, air movement & temperature. Once all of these are Mastered your end result will be beautiful. 

So on your next Drywall job, you can buy the rock, install the rock, finish the rock if you wish & when it comes time to Texture the rock (if Texture is what you want) you can either go rent or borrow a hopper & texture machine, spend time learning & experimenting & being frustrated/messy or call muddy at "THE MUD MASTERS" before your ready for that stage for a consult & price to Texture. Estimates are always free! You may be surprised at the cost, it may be cheaper than that machine you rent.

With my old bones growing spurs in my neck & not working as they did going down my spine, I am concentrating  more on the repair, smaller jobs & Textures verses the larger Production jobs. Don't get me wrong, I still have manpower  to call on, I/we can fix your fist hole, your new wall, your new Home, or your new Building. We are set up to do it all!

Remember the first rule of taping!
DO NOT USE FIBERGLASS (mesh tape) with BUCKET MUD! I do not care who says what at Menards, Lowes or Home Depot or other. You are asking for hairline cracks on your flat seams if you use this combo. Fiberglass tape takes a non shrinking mud that comes in dry form that needs to have water mixed into it. Premixed bucket muds shrink too much, AP or All Purpose is worse  because of the glue content. 
Another tip prior to 1978, acoustical (popcorn texture) has ASBESTOS in it! From 1978-1982 they were phasing it out so keep this in mind if you are doing any dry scraping plus POPCORN TEXTURE is so out dated! (70's-80's) 

As always, PEACE, muddy  

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