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Plaster Reconstruction

    Sick of those cracked plaster walls & ceilings?
I have the solutions for you! You will be totally amased with the before & after when the Reconstruction is completed. This is Ed's (muddy) specialty.

    Most plaster can still be salvaged.  Hairline cracks?  Plaster sagging?  No problem.

    We have a few different ways to save your plaster walls & ceilings without demolishing the old plaster.  We have methods & techniques that will save your old base board & trim from removal. All we ask that the room(s) be completly cleared out.

     Muddy has been ask to disclose his "secret" mud that he uses to a California Magizine along with photos and a article of his process. Muddy's secret mix base coat mix is very hard, durable and non sandable.

    First we will prep your room such as masking out your base board & trim.  We will install floor protection.  Next we start with sagging plaster by using plaster washers and a series of drywall screws plus some times glue to secure the old plaster to the lathe.  From years of settlement, vibration and moisture, the plaster may lose the "keys" that hold it to the lathe. If it is too bad we will replace it with a "patch"

    The process:  Depending on the magnitude of the repair is what method we decide to use.
   After all of the "loose" issues are addressed we start by shaving highs to make our job easier for us. Next depending on the nature of the cracks, muddy's secret mix does not require crack taping! Or we will  tape the larger cracks with fiber glass tapes and we may decide to mat the some or all of surface with a .040 thick fiber glass tight woven fiber glass mating material made by Nu-Wal interior finishing system.

    "rockin East Central Iowa since 1995"

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