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This is my 10 ton work horse. When I pull into a jobsite I have everything I need in the back on this 19' box such as a 6500 watt generator & a 13hp-18CFM air compressor with finishing equipment & stocked supplies. It is a 1999 Nissan UD 2000 with the license plate reading MUDDY1.



As of May 2021 
Ok Folks here's the real deal..... Rumors Rumors Rumors = I am RETIRED! ~ NOT TRUE!! I am cutting back on my work load, days worked & hours worked per day with a helper. I am concentrating on smaller projects like additions, ceilings, patch work so on and so forth. New builds that need extra contractor labor I am not involved with so much.  So recently in 1 week I have worked in 2 days in Manchester than 3 days Iowa City (total mileage driven - 540) so if you call that retirement I guess I'm guilty of retirement. The day I die, I will retire whether it be in drywall finishing or mowing yards or handyman or any other type of work. Thank you, Muddy.

I am a privately owned/operated Drywall & Plaster reconstruction company located out of Marengo, Iowa.

Eddie (muddy) has worked in drywall off & on since the early 80's he is self taught through trials and errors and the school of hard knocks with both Drywall & Plaster materials. The company name was formed on April 1, 1995 after a friend from Eddie's ex printing factory job had made the comment while finishing his drywall for him, "Ed that really looks great, you are The Mud Master"
the name stuck and a Company name was formed. In 2002 the name was changed to.

The company "THE MUD MASTERS" prides itself on the quality & detailed aspects of the trade. I do not use sub quality materials so that the job will be done right the first time. 

Muddy's Drywall Creed 

I/We are talented Professional Drywall Artists in our trade. We do what many can not do, Our work can be & is brutal. Our Drywall is & can be very Illusion. We can make a P.O.S. or poor hang job look beautiful. We make it look so easy. All of our muscles are trained to not hurt any more. We can skim coat 5 gallons of mud in a matter of minutes. We would rather be 2 foot off the ground than on our knees. We can run roll of tape effortlessly. We can sling mud with minimal sanding. We preform aerial acts of courage on scaffolds, stilts, planks & buckets. We can shoot a straight line with our eye. And we can have all of this done by 2pm. Some beat us down on pricing because all they want is the bottom line. Why do we put up with it? because WE LOVE THE CHALLENGE & SELF  GRATIFICATION & WE ARE DAMN PROUD OF WHAT WE CAN DO! 

"Peace, Muddy

"rockin East Central Iowa since 1995"  

Last update: 5/2021

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